Tokyo Tuushin Kizai Co.,Ltd. is a long-established manufacturer of high-quality Slip Rings.
The thousands types of slip rings we designed and engineered are used in the wide range
of industries, such as radars, videos, CCTV cameras, medical equipment, machine tools,
measuring instruments, amusement equipment, packaging machines and robot arms.
Custom Solutions
Many of the slip rings we produce are customized.
We are sure that we can propose slip rings to suit your requirements from our track record
of researching and developing slip rings for more than 35 years and designing several
thousand types of slip rings with our extensive production technology.

Please tell us your desired slip ring outer diameter dimensions, number of channels,
rated current,operating speed, signal type and application.
The experienced engineers in our technology and production departments will provide you
with the best solution – from brush selection to ring material / shape and bearing selection
– based on your specifications.

Below gives the basic specs and details that we require to design your slip ring.

・ Slip Ring type [ Capsule / Through Bore / Separate ]
・ Diameters [ Rotary shaft / Outer Diameters / Inner diameters ]
・ Number of Circuits
・ Rated Current
・ Rated Voltage
・ Max. speed
・ Your application
・ Annual demand

We will propose the optimal solution through discussions with you.
Your even more detailed specifications will make the slip rings that you are seeking
more realistic.

What's your application ?
We look forward to hearing more your details.

Standard Slip Rings

We have several thousand types of Slip Rings " TSR Series " designed by our
researching and developing for more than 35 years. Here we present our
representative standard TSR from mold housing model with ....


Quality & Environmental Policy

We will contribute to society by continuously improving through creation and
challenge so that our quality management system continues to remain effective
with us providing products that meet the needs of our customers ....


Our Locations

Our head office is in Tokyo, and there are our engineering and sales department.
Most of our slip rings are designed with 3D-CAD system and engineered here.
In our Shirakawa factory, the latest automatic manufacturing ....


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