Tokyo Tuushin Kizai Co.,Ltd. is a long-established manufacturer of high-quality Slip Rings.
The thousands types of slip rings we designed and engineered are used in the wide range
of industries, such as radars, videos, CCTV cameras, medical equipment, machine tools,
measuring instruments, amusement equipment, packaging machines and robot arms.
Smooth Steady Slip
We have been engaged in the development, design, manufacture and sale of numerous electrical slip rings
tailored to the needs of our customers based on the expertise we have gained from the manufacture and
sale of carbon granules through to the design, manufacture and sale of carbon brushes since our
establishment in 1924 until the present day.

Tokyo Tuushin Kizai Co.,Ltd is now widely known in Japan for having the longest history as a manufacturer
of high-quality slip rings and as a leader in this field.

Slip rings are rotating parts that supply power or electric signals from fixed parts for rotating machines
and devices. These are used in a wide range of industrial fields including radars, CCTV cameras,
videos, robot arms, medical equipment, measuring instruments, packaging machines, printing presses,
semiconductor manufacturing devices, machine tools and amusement equipments.

To put it briefly, it is possible to describe slip rings as rotating electrical connectors. Accordingly, electricity
flows while rotating electric rings and precious metal brushes slip. However, our slip rings do not just slip.
We have achieved smooth and steady slipping from our research on carbon, precious metal materials and
friction, as well as our unique expertise in mechanical designs.

We have proactively taken on many challenges and requests that have seemed difficult in our long history.
We have also delivered products with high quality and reliability into the world.
These are the main reasons why our brand has established such a strong reputation.
The thousands of types of slip rings we handle are now active in various industrial fields.

We believe that our slip rings, cultivated through our wisdom and many years of effort and research,
will allow your systems to become closer to the ideal ones you are seeking.

From carbon to design and manufacture of slip rings

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Quality & Environmental Policy

We will contribute to society by continuously improving through creation and
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with us providing products that meet the needs of our customers ....


Machining & Measuring

We have introduced the latest automatic manufacturing machines and inspection &
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