Tokyo Tuushin Kizai Co.,Ltd. is a long-established manufacturer of high-quality Slip Rings.
The thousands types of slip rings we designed and engineered are used in the wide range
of industries, such as radars, videos, CCTV cameras, medical equipment, machine tools,
measuring instruments, amusement equipment, packaging machines and robot arms.
Quality Policy
We will contribute to society by continuously improving through creation and challenge so that
our quality management system continues to remain effective with us providing products that
meet the needs of our customers and products with a quality trusted by our customers.
Environmental Policy
・ We will strive to provide and develop environmentally friendly products and services.
・ We will strive to save resources, save energy and implement recycling activities.
・ We will comply with environmental laws/regulations and other requirements that we agree with.
・ We will build an environmental management system to aim for continuous improvement and
  pollution prevention.
Chemical Substances Contained
in Products Management Policy
・ We will comply with the chemical substances contained in products laws / regulations that apply
  to our firm and other requirements of the association that we agree with.
・ We will appropriately manage information on chemical substances contained in products.
・ We will then work to improve quality, prevent defects and reduce the impact on health / the
  environment by utilizing that information.
・ We will enhance employee education to raise awareness in employees toward the management
  of chemical substances contained in products.
・ We will make all employees aware of and ensure that they follow the green purchasing standards
  of our customers.
・ We will enhance our management system together with our partner companies to clear the chemical
  substances contained in products standards of our customers.

We acquired ISO 9001 management system certification in 2000. We updated this in 2003.
Further more, in 2015, we acquired JIS Q 9001:2008 & JIS Q 9100:2009 after examination by
BSK ( Defense Structure Improvement Foundation ) which is one of the certification authorities
accredited from JAB ( Japan Accreditation Board ).

JIS Q 9001 : 2008  Registration No. BSK0313
JIS Q 9100 : 2009  Registration No. BSK0246
We welcome your comments, questions and suggestions.

Machining & Measuring

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Standard Slip Rings

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Custom Solutions

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developing slip rings for more than 35 years and ....


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