Tokyo Tuushin Kizai Co.,Ltd. is a long-established manufacturer of high-quality Slip Rings.
The thousands types of slip rings we designed and engineered are used in the wide range
of industries, such as radars, videos, CCTV cameras, medical equipment, machine tools,
measuring instruments, amusement equipment, packaging machines and robot arms.
Our Beginning
1924 Kumasaburo Kakiuchi established Kakiuchi Works as the first manufacturer in Japan
to specialize in carbon products for communication devices in Tokyo. This was right
in the middle of the time when Tokyo was recovering from the Great Kanto Earthquake
in 1923. His works started manufacturing and selling carbon granules.

Manufacture of Carbon Products
1944 We established Tokyo Tuushin Kizai Works. This would go on to form the basis of our
current company name. We started manufacturing and selling carbon products for
electronics, automobile and specials in addition to carbon products for communication
devices. Furthermore, we started manufacturing and selling carbon arresters in
response to further demands from our customers who had recognized our track record
in supplying carbon products for communication devices.

1953 We incorporated Tokyo Tuushin Kizai. We then further expanded our business while
accumulating technologies and expertise related to machining production of carbon
products. After this,we steadily improved our performance by riding the wave of the
rapid economic growth in this period.
1969 We built our new head office in Tokyo. We further established and started operating
Shirakawa Factory in Fukushima Prefecture. This plant mainly manufactured electric
power carbon brushes and similar products.
1975 We started exporting of carbon products for communication devices. Our carbon
products have also been recognized by those overseas. Moreover, we started
manufacturing our carbon arrester Number 1001. We produced 5.5 million of these
arresters over more than ten years.

Launching of Slip rings
1980 Many of the slip rings used in industrial fields in Japan at this time were manufactured
in the United States. However, their slip rings had problems in terms of quality.
This was troubling for many customers in Japan. We have a track record in carbon
brushes so we decided to take on this challenge in response to eager requests from
our customers. We successfully developed a mold slip ring.

1983 We developed a integrated slip ring incorporated with brushes. From this beginning,
we started the full-scale development, design and sale of slip rings. This is something
we have continued doing until this day. We have produced several thousands types of
slip ring into many industrial fields.
1986 We started manufacturing our brush Assy for VTR. We produced 10 million of these
brushes over more than six years.
2000 We acquired ISO 9001 management system certification.
We updated this in 2003.
2009 We successfully developed slip rings for high-frequency bands.
We successfully developed optical slip rings.
2012 We developed slip rings for amusement equipment. These slip rings were produced
more than 36 thousand in three months in this year and we have received high praise.
We established and started operating a factory in Thailand due to an expansion in the
production of slip rings.
2013 Our slip ring was adopted by one of the famous CCTV manufacturer in Japan.
The annual production of this is as many as 20 thousands and we still receive high
praise from each company as the slip ring manufacturer for high - quality CCTV.
2015 We acquired JIS Q 9001:2008 & JIS Q 9100:2009 management system certification.
We welcome our new leader and we will expand our slip ring design / development /
sales operations worldwide.
We welcome your comments, questions and suggestions.

Quality & Environmental Policy

We will contribute to society by continuously improving through creation and
challenge so that our quality management system continues to remain effective
with us providing products that meet the needs of our customers ....


Machining & Measuring

We have introduced the latest automatic manufacturing machines and inspection &
measurement devices into our Shirakawa Factory so that we can make parts with a
high level of completion. In addition to these ....


Standard Slip Rings

We have several thousand types of Slip Rings " TSR Series " designed by our
researching and developing for more than 35 years. Here we present our
representative standard TSR from mold housing model with ....


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